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Why Mighty JAK Services


Mighty JAK Services only bring the best quality Australian meat to the market. We have a vested interest in making sure our clients succeed, being that our success is dependent on theirs. We specialise in sourcing meat all over Australia from leading meat packers accredited by AUS-MEAT which is an industry owned company operating as a joint venture between Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC). Under its strict supervision, It guarantees that our products have been processed according to the standards complying with Australian Standard and that the value is added to satisfying worldwide expectations.


We aim to build long-term relationship with our suppliers and overseas clients. Customer's satisfaction is always our priority. Mighty JAK Services work closely with our partners and develop the best outcome to suit each local market demand including cutting, packaging and Halal certification. We understand your specific needs and are happy to provide tailored product to your end.



We strive to offer the very highest standards of customer care by ensuring we have thorough understanding of our client’s needs. We place great emphasis on establishing a partnership with clients and the leading meat packers. This ensures the meat is delivered directly from pastures to qualified abattoirs and to your plates.


Performance feedbacks help us ensure that services are running beyond satisfied. Customer feedback is vital as it tells us where we are and what we have to do to be better. Following up to feedback and continuously improving is our quality of service that makes the difference amongst our competitors.


Our aim is to respond to any client request or emergency as soon as possible. To achieve this all of our managers including the company director are supplied with mobile phone that clients can reach 24/7 with any concerns or queries in regards to our services.


We source meat from leading meat packers accredited by AUS-MEAT all over Australia.


Our suppliers adhere to comprehensive quality assurance programs, every piece of meat is guaranteed with additional value by its national industry standard quality.  

Your time is saved as we also provide services such as visiting your desire meat packers or pastures, compare the prices around Australia, organise your visit if you would like to check in person. 

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