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Frequently Asked Questions



 01  What is the minimum order?


We recommend you order a minimum of approximately 1,300 kg for any one shipment (airfreight). Freight costs depend on the volume of goods ordered. Obviously, for larger orders shipped in 20- or 40-foot containers, the cost of freight per kilogram is greatly reduced.




 02  What are the availalbe packages?

All products are packed in standard packages unless otherwise specified. Custom packaging is available upon request.

All cuts are packed in polythene as follows:

  • IW - Individual Wrapped: Indicates the product is individually wrapped.

  • MW - Multiple Wrapped: Indicates the product has been packed in a single bag or covering and contains two or more cuts.

  • LP - Layer Packed: Indicates the product is packed in a carton containing two or more layers of meat with each layer separated.

  • TP - Tray Packed: Indicates one or more portions of meat packed in an open container and covered by film.

  • VAC - Vacuum Packed: Indicates the product has been packed in a specially formulated bag — vacuum packed and sealed for a snug fit. The symbol VAC can be used with all the above types of packaging.

All products are placed into carbon board boxes for shipment.




 03  How do I organise freight? 

We can organise freight for you and charged to our clients at cost or you can nominate the forwarder you trust.




 04  Do you export halal beef, lamb and mutton meat?

Yes! Most of our meat are Halal certified.




 05  What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash up front, Letter of Credit and we offer credit to customers who have established a long-term relationship with us.



More questions? Feel free to contact us by email or from the contact page.

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