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What we offer?


Mighty JAK Services specialises in container loading/unloading, meat processing and commercial cleaning services all around Australia. This is a great opportunity for business to focus on its core business and still gain a high quality recruitment service at a low cost without hassling. All Services of Mighty JAK Services are licensed, insured and environmentally-friendly with highly-trained staff.

Container Loading/Unloading

According to a rising number of containers entering Australia, there has
been a greater demand for a reliable, cost-effective, effcient container loading & unloading service company that provides high experiences, skills and accomplishments. Mighty JAK Services' container services meet these needs on every level with more than 7 years of experience. 
Mighty JAK Services container teams are dedicated to becoming an Australian-leading container service supplier and our value and vision reect this commitment.

  • Loading/unloading of containers

  • Unpacking and palletisation of all goods

  • Hand tight wrapping of pallets

  • Labeling and sorting of all goods

  • Highly trained and experienced crews with multiple skills

  • 24 hours a day & 7days a week on sites

  • Short term and ongoing services

  • Fully-licensed forklift drivers available

  • One contact & One invoice

  • Based on a charge per a container

Meat Processing

The Australian meat processing industry produces a range of red meats
for domestic consumption and exporting purposes. Mighty JAK Services' meat processing services deal with a wide range of tasks including handling, slaughtering and processing livestock, operating processes and rendering equipment, dispatching products and keeping records. Mighty JAK Services has satisfied a lot of meat factories with our meat processing experts.

  • Moving and managing animals before they are slaughtered

  • Stunning animals using an electrical device or cartridge gun

  • Bleeding animals while they are unconscious

  • Removing hides/pelts and internal organs

  • Using saws to split the carcasses

  • Trimming carcasses

  • Moving carcasses to chiller and freezers

  • Breaking carcasses by boning and slicing meat cuts for sale and further processing

  • Packing the boned and sliced meat into cartons

  • Processing hides and pelts

  • Processing by products

  • Loading meat products into trucks​

Hospitality & Commercial Cleaning

Mighty JAK Services helps your first business impression shining. The outstanding professionalism and success start from a clean and well-presented workplace. Mighty JAK Services' cleaning service provides very sophisticated commercial cleaning services that satisfy specialised and tailored cleaning requirements of your workplace. Mighty JAK Services has high quality standards and our certifed supervisors will screen all cleaners and sites everyday in person to fulfill the client's satisfaction.

  • Retail shopping complexes

  • Offce & general commercial premises

  • Industrial complexes

  • Hotel accommodation & service areas

  • Public & private schools

  • Residential apartments and houses

  • Client based services such as real estate agents & building contractors

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