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Why Mighty JAK Services


Major large companies have the tendency to paint the proposal plan with a very optimistic brush, highlighting strengths and severely camouflaging the risks which can result in high unloading prices and becoming just another client in their portfolio. Mighty JAK Services have a vested interest in making sure our clients succeed, being that our success is dependent on theirs. We specialise in contract staffing, labour hire and recruitment requirements through employing quality people, partnering industry, developing sustainable workforce solutions, and managing ongoing relationships with our industry partners.


We strive to offer the very highest standards of customer care by ensuring we have thorough understanding of our client’s needs.

We place great emphasis on establishing a partnership with clients. Personal and direct contact, regular inspections and performance feedback help us ensure that services are running as per contract and that our customers are beyond satisfied.

For, customer feedback is vital as it tells us where we are and what we have to do to be better. Following up to feedback and continuously improving is our quality of service that makes the difference amongst our competitors.


Our aim is to respond to any client request or emergency as soon as possible. To achieve this all of our managers including the company director are supplied with mobile phone that clients can reach 24/7 with any concerns or queries in regards to our services.


Unlike other major competitor companies that comprise of large hierarchy and marketing that require high payroll and budget, we are able to offer highly competitive rates thanks to our experience at accurately assessing the labour requirements for each job as well as direct contact of client to our company director.

For each individual job we make a thorough survey, hold discussions with the client, listen to their needs and put together a contract that is within their budget.

It’s our value for money that makes the difference.


Utilizes a thorough scheduling and tracking system to ensure completion of all contracted services. A systematic process of checklist inspections by supervisors and managers are in place to further monitor service.

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